The privacy policy is not yet written up, but here's a short explaination of what it will cover when the lawyers get through with it:
  • We do not collect data about you, except your email address, which we use to confirm your account.
  • We won't store information about you in cookies, except the minimum required for you to be able to log in and use the site (which is basically your userId)
  • We will store information that you create and post on the site.
    • YOU own the copyright
    • BUT you give us a lifetime licence for us to republish and reuse it.
  • We can ban you for pretty much any reason we want. You don't have a right to use the service, using the service is a privilege.
    • This is mostly to cover our butts, as we don't want some neo-nazi or something to take a banning to civil court.
    • This is also because we're a very small site (so far) and can adjudicate these things on a case-by-case basis without having a huge, encompassing terms-of-service. We will eventually, just not right now.